All Testimonials on this page are real and have the person’s permission.

The testimonials are on file in our office should anyone have any questions.


Recently, we ran out of a form that we use daily. My secretary called your company and you advised us that it would be approximately two days before the order could be filled.

When we explained the circumstances, that we were in great need of this form, you said you would have it here as soon as possible. The next day we had the form.

We would like you to know how much we appreciate the expeditious handling of our order. It is good to know that we can count on your company to come through in a predicament.



Thomas Robinet
Director of Public Safety
City of Lapeer


Dear Mr. Becker,

Recently K.I.N.D. requested your expertise with printing invitations for K.I.N.D.’s Breakfast Gathering. Our guest list included all of Lapeer County Superintendents and K-sixth grade Principals.

It was very important for K.I.N.D. to present this gathering as a formal event in order to promote our services to children in the schools.

You and your staff responded by providing K.I.N.D. with elegant invitations and professional service as a contribution. Thank you once again for your support to our organization. Ultimately the children in our community will benefit.



Michelle Ekstrom
Program Coordinator


Dear Blue Water Printing,

Thank you very much for your $50.00 Special Gifts contribution to Seven Ponds. We appreciate this support.

Thanks for all the great work you do on our newsletter, flyers and brochures.


Mike Champagne


To Andrea, Ernie & Everyone,

Thanks for the great job on our flyers. You had little to work with and they turned out super and with short notice.

Your work and attitude made working with Blue Water a joy.



Karen Shaw
Genoa Pizza Co.



Thank you for going the extra step in helping out a customer. It was very thoughtful of you to help me.

J. Martus



I wanted to thank you for helping with all my printing needs and my absent mind; and also because you forgave me for spelling your name wrong for three years. I would love it if you would be my guest for lunch one day at the club, even on the weekend. Just call and let me know.


Thanks again,


L. Nunley
Hunters Creek Club


Cheri & Staff

Thank you for your prompt, efficient service.



Denise Tolen
Deerfield Treasurer


I would like to thank you for your help with getting our company newsletter printed on such short notice. My manager was quite impressed with the speed of delivery and appreciated your efforts.

You certainly helped to make us look good during the visit of our corporate officers.


Thanks again for all your help.


Susan Edwards
Carlisle Engineered Products



Cheri is very dependable and has delivered all orders before they were expected.

Knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Modest and helpful, in over 15 years in dealing with her, I have always received service with a smile.

We all wish the world was filled with people with Cheri’s character and ethics.


Earl McHugh

President at Earl McHugh and Associates
Via LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/cheri-danielson/12/667/a91



Thanks for the fast service – as always!!

Ron Dillon

Mayfield Township